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will you be her Valentine?

Some of my most treasured memories are flying on my magic carpet racing Leia through the thicket of cedar forest. Leia’s carpet is  blackberry purple velvet adorned with periwinkle blue cornflower ~dipped dancing elephants. It is a sweet, sweet ride. Kevlar’s magic carpet is velvet too, but a glowy yet electric orange.  An orgy of mermaids and dolphins  shimmer and swim into the soft fabric waves on her ride.Their light sabers slice through the night revealing a path yet to be discovered.  Weird huh? Yes, it is and no, I am not on drugs, maybe a glass of wine, but that is about it…..None of this makes sense right….? Well,  because…. it isn’t supposed to.  Except to me, and my friend Leia….BUT if you hang around a minute, I will explain.

This, my friends, is what it feels like to ride your horse with your best friend.  It is like flying without wings. It is freedom and love and happiness rolled and rolled.

So, what do you do when your best friends horse walks off  into the great pasture in the sky? You mourn, sometime a lot, and remember and be happy and be sad for what you lost and happy again for what you had and then one fine day, you start looking. Searching for your new magic carpet. There are many, many magic carpets out there. They are all beautiful and lovely and capable. They do not come in one size fits all . No, a horse is not a horse is not a horse. You search until you find the one that fits you. This is not easy. Which brings me to this sweet palomino quarter horse,Valentine.

She belongs to a ruff and tumble on the outside and soft as a feather on the inside woman. Not to judge her, but her own words were” I have a lot of problems. A lot of problems” . Drug addiction, life choices that kicked the living crap right on out of her, death in the family, the almighty dollar problems. I felt so much empathy and sadness for her because in just a slight 5 minutes in her presence , you just knew  that Valentine is the one solid thing that was good and light in her life and she needed to sell all that good and light to support herself . How ironic is that? To have to get rid of the one thing that holds you together . That being said, I had so much respect for her at the moment for her to make that choice.  To make that really hard choice.To  give Valentine what she needs.

So, will Valentine be Leia’s new best friend? No. The hunt and search continues.It could for a long while. Things happen for a reason though. I trust in that theory. I guess for now, that horse and her owner stay together.  They need each other. It is what was supposed to happen.

rodeo2 copy valentine5 copyvalentine0 copy copy


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