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what certifiable, goats and weddings have in common

well hello. I miss you guys. I need to get my bloggy love on …..and btw I was just informed this is the 2 year anniversary of WTF4. holy smokes…. celebration…..  can I drink beer yet? is it too early? whatever….

this poor little white space has been hanging out with that small flashing black line on the screen for far too long. just mr. boring white screen and mr. blinking black line all alone by themselves .hanging out like white on rice without butter or soya sauce. SO,  I thought, today is as good as any day to love it up a bit. maybe a lot. I think that might be in order. PLUS,  it is the kind of day where the raindrops are hurtling themselves down from the sky’s gray ceiling  with such vertical energy I can not see space between droplets. sounds like the kind of day you really hanker and  yearn to be outside right? …… said no one ever. maybe I should vaccuum? again said no one ever. especially me.


..seriously, it is pelting microscopic cats and dogs

so here I sit, in my turquoise lumpy writing chair, convincing myself not to crawl back into a cosy nest of fuzzy blankets and maybe have a wee nappy but to actually hammer a post out from start to finish, paste some tiny ‘flappity’ wings on it and push it off the ledge and hopefully make it fly.

so, here goes. yup. where do I start?

the past couple weeks have been eaten up by the ‘stuff of life’. the happy happy’s  and the sadness of forever goodbyes. the fresh shiny new of beginnings and the simple goodness of every day moments . the yin and the yang of life.  I have hay in my bra, as usual and mud on my jeans and boots as always too. that’s pretty much the way I roll. every. single .day.  there have been weddings to attend


beautiful brides are so easy to photograph


and photograph , new babies to meet and photograph as well,


I adore babies. isn’t she beautiful?


farmyard sweethearts to say goodbye to sadly,


rip Parsley…. you will be missed sweet girl


horses and kids to feed and look after, appointments to book and trips to plan. big hurrah for the last one. Thailand here I come. Those are only the big ones though, it is the wiggly little creepers that sneak their way in between the big to do’s  that make it a  squishy kind of  madcap adventure … think surfing a bi polar wave while stirring a pot of boiling pudding for eighty people. It is all about the balance. Trying to be a good Mom / person/friend/ wife/blogger/ and any of the other crazy ass shit I forgot and grinding it out with a smile on your  face can make you feel certifiably insane. That is where wine comes in. Mmm, a nice red blend or a chilled white ?  mmmm……. now I forgot where I was.


oh. the balance. the madness. the wine. nope. that is later. The juggling of what we call a life. A good life. I am grateful for the craziness. Mostly. Let’s get real. Some days I need to be an octopus on speed  like all of us busy parents out there. Imagine what we could accomplish if we had eight arms ? If you made it this far I thank you for reading. Some of you have been reading this *schlep* since the start so cheers and  I thank you from the bottom of my twisted sister heart.

ok…. so now fly, fly, fly away…….



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  1. You know I love your ‘twisted sister heart’!! I wish you every joy-filled moment of peace and lovely glass of wine savoured. And I’d come help with the offer of two more arms if I could! 😀 Love all your posts my friend. Thanks for sharing your lovely adventures.
    xo Gina

    • Oh my stars. Please accept my apology for not replying sooner. I seemed to have slipped off the bloggy grid. I have however been reading your amazing words when I can. Cheers Rara! Thanks for the kind words. hugs and smiles.

    • 🙂 Thailand… For real. That’s not the only excuse though .. Thanks for missing me… I am on my way back to the bloggy world soon. I am trying to keep up with all your awesome and inspiring posts. Cheers to Spring in the PAcific Nw. It is gorgeous right now… Hugs.

  2. Congrats on making it two years with WTF4! I always love reading your posts, even though I haven’t been on here a lot lately. Have a great time in Thailand. Super jealous!!!

  3. Congrats on the 2 year, K. Sorry about barnyard friend. I wish I had 16 arms, 8 heads and 8 computer screens! Lovely photos as usual. {{{hugs}}} Kozo
    p.s. love how you roll.

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